Strong against acne, gentle on the skin

The Puzzle collection is our special line of preparations against acne and pimples, specially created for all types of youthful skin and regions of the face, neck, back and décolletage. Puzzle preparations and their active formulas with natural ingredients provide a complete cosmetic treatment for the care and protection of the skin, help to remove existing ones and prevent the appearance of new acne and pimples. Our collection consists of as many as 8 different preparations, and in the offer you can find Puzzle soap, shampoo, lotion, cream, gel, powder, mask and stick corrector.

puzzle preparati

Puzzle collection with improved formula and new packaging

The Puzzle collection has been known for generations, because our products have been used since 1994. During all this time, Puzzle preparations have helped thousands of users, and it was recommended by many cosmetic and dermatological specialists.

Although from the beginning it seemed that our formulas had reached the peak of their effectiveness, new technological developments led us to further improve and enrich Puzzle preparations. They now bring an even more effective solution against acne and pimples, in a new, more modern packaging.

Puzzle preparations - Powerful against acne, gentle on the skin

Each of the Puzzle preparations has its own special formula, purpose and application. What all our preparations have in common are enriched formulations and natural, active ingredients. Nettle extract, Aloe Vera gel, tea tree oil or the mineral Kaolin or white clay are just some of the natural ingredients. There is also Bisabolol, one of the ingredients of natural origin, known for its soothing effect on the skin, as well as Sopholiance S.

Sopholiance S is a bio-surfactant of 100% natural origin, which prevents the development of bacteria responsible for the appearance of acne and pimples, and also regulates the production of sebum, a key factor in the appearance of acne and pimples.

Most products also contain salicylic acid, which is a very effective agent in the fight against acne and pimples.

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Preparations against acne and pimples - Method of application

Most of the Puzzle preparations are recommended to be used in combination with others, for maximum effectiveness. First, it is necessary to wash the skin of the face, neck, back or cleavage with Puzzle soap. Then use Puzzle lotion to deeply clean the skin. Finally, the Puzzle cream should be applied in a targeted manner, avoiding the eye area.

Our preparations are not only intended for all skin types, but are adapted to all lifestyles and habits. Thus, Puzzle powder and stick replace Puzzle cream, depending on which form of preparation suits you better. The stick can also be used as a corrector for the appearance of the desired region.

For evening treatment, we recommend the Puzzle mask. And as acne and pimples appear on oily skin, along with these dermatological changes, the appearance of dandruff is also possible, for which the Puzzle anti-dandruff shampoo was specially created. For more information on individual Puzzle preparations as well as availability for online ordering, select the desired preparation below the text.