When I think of my most carefree days, I think of her. It smells good to me every Sunday night when we are waiting for our favorite series. It wakes up my mornings, leaving that well-known menthol taste and mom's standard - You left the paste open again! I close my eyes, she's there, in my grandmother's hair, on my aunt's arms, at my little graduation, where coconut grape oil is quite enough. 

And now she is here, while the smell of baby powder and velvet cream creates my new memories - that fine, classy lady, traditionally good, and always new, ours for generations. Our Nevena. 

And her journey, which is seventy years long, began back in 1953 in Leskovac. From Leskovac, it reached all corners of the world and became a leading Serbian cosmetic company with decades of tradition in the production and sale of top quality cosmetic products. The acquired positions and reputation on the domestic and foreign markets enabled her to cooperate with world-famous companies from England, Switzerland, Germany, France, which is another confirmation of dedicated work that is recognized beyond the borders of the former Yugoslavia. 

From then until today, Nevena has been continuously developing and enriching its product range with products made from carefully selected ingredients, with full respect for modern principles of care and environmental protection. 

Quality products, with a recognizable design with the Nevena sign, still win the trust of consumers today, becoming part of a family tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Be a part of Nevena's big family, which preserves and nurtures true values. 

Nevena - With you from the first day

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